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Looking to revamp and maybe repurpose the website. Added a new banner. Now what? I guess I go through the architecture, update things, maybe a business plan or goal sheet (although I don't need money, so it's not a business). I just want to produce content people will enjoy, and I want a lot of creative control over it. Maybe freelance or something?



It's the week after Daylight Savings time. I went to bed early the past two nights, so I don't feel exhausted. We are about to get M. I hope. It will take years for her emotional scars to heal, for her to be like her puppies.

 I hate to quote a t.v. show, but I think, "We are her best chance," in spite of the opposition and obstacles. I hope she will be safe and happy with us. On that note, I may have to postpone my desire/dream to do another tabletop campaign. I just don't think I'll have the time to devote to it. It's okay, when it's God's timing, if it's God's plan, He'll work it out. Just gotta be patient.


The year has almost ended. I've reopened Theodyssey under a different host. It's not really open to the public yet, as it's pretty basic. There's a lot of things I feel like it needs. Right now I'm making the room exits more accessible, and doing an office space for people who want to write. I think if it works it'll be more like a writing colony than a game. Still doing the comic (although I didn't do one yesteray, so I need to catch up to keep the buffer where it is. That's about it. A lot of work, a bit of church, art, and bible study.

I would like to work out more, and maybe start learning stuff again, like guitar, 3d modeling, and maybe some 

crafts and things. Guess I've got a lot of long term goals. Thanks for checking out my site!


Still working on the comic and some flash fiction. Got the "new" super nintendo console. Uploaded a buffer of Monday Flash Fiction for you. Maybe I should update it on Friday? Then it would be Friday Flash Fiction. Hmm.


So excited to have finished a graphic novella! If you want to buy a copy, shoot me a message via the website's Contact Me page . You can pay me via Paypal, and I will email you a link where you can download the pdf's. Cost is $.99 ! If there's enough interest, I may do a print on demand or something. Thank you so much guys!


Comic still updating here and here. The blog is here. Thanks for reading my stuff :)


I have continued the webcomic for about two months now. I'm surprised, but happy, and wondering what to put up on the blog. I have a few ideas, but I haven't been the most reliable. I'd like to change that. So, thanks for reading my comic and blog. Thanks for your support, and I wish you good things in your own creative endeavors.


I think I'm looking at a change in creative direction. In my current place, I can't see myself continuing webcomics. Maybe that will change. I will still make art, and I may make comics, but I might not stick to a regular update schedule.


Got a special blog post for you today. Kind of something I've been mentally chewing on for a while.


Back to a regular update of flash fiction each Monday. I'm sorry for the hiatus. I should've at least let you know what was going on, which was.. just being involved with other creative projects such as the comic at Makai Mart. Thank you for being patient. If there's any requests for specific things you'd like to see, let me know. Got the writing group started at BAM a few weeks ago. Trying to meet the first Thursday of the month, and then let the other admin lead the group on the 3rd Thursday. Turning Theoddysey's MUSH into a writing colony somehow. Thanks for reading my blog!


Keeping you some flash fiction on the blog. Comic's going fairly well. I've got a month's worth of material in buffer, and another month's worth in script. Anyway, check out the blog each Monday as I post stuff for you to read. Thanks for reading my blog!


Comic is going well on Makai Mart. Been writing a bit, and RPing on my text based game. Enjoying my day off.  I need to do one comic a week to keep up with the buffer, but I'd really like to do 2 a week and just give bonus strips until I got to the point I could update twice a week. Until I increase speed in making the comics, that's probably all I can do, and I don't want to do two a week consistently until I'm conifdent I can keep up with it. Once a week is fine, but twice would make it more like the other comics on the web, if I can come up with material that often.

Dreamed of being in a dungeon with Spider-man. I touched his restraints or something, and he swam up from his cell (had no idea he was buried underwater), and we made it to the guards. The guards looked like yellowish old Caucasian men. We didn't leave the dungeon. Maybe it was just a place under ground. Don't think I'll be analyzing this one, but it has stuck with me.


Off today, and working on some projects. If only I could sstop yawning. Things are going pretty well here. Not that I'm without trials, but I feel like I'm starting that,"perseverance develops character, and character hope, and hope does not disapppoint us"scripture ((Romans 5:4) As Christians, as we yield less to the flesh, and more to the Spirit, we begin to mature. For a long time i don't think I understood what it means to die to self, but maybe I'm starting to se what that means, praise Jesus.


Working on several different projects, both art and prose. I have no real deadline, but maybe I should set one. In six months (Lord willing), I'd like to have 50k words on one of my novels. As for the art, I'm going to try to do my best work on 4-8 pages of comic, written by someone else. I already have a writer who is working on a script, so that seems possible. I'll have to stretch my abilities with both, but that's how you get better, right?


I've been thinking about repurposing some stuff. I think I'll keep this as my personal website, and use the other solely for the comic. That means you should be seeing some blog posts and things. Thanks for reading, and sorry for the lack of content.


Got a bit of flash fiction for you guys today. Please sir, can I have some Mo..dred?


 Well, campaign should be rolling next week, as it were. Not a lot going on other than that. Working on various things, and trying to keep up with the draw/write everyday thing. So far it's been more difficult than I would've liked. Oh well, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

I've decided to temporarily disable Patreon. No one is donating, and honestly, I understand. My content is not to the level that deserves being paid for. However, God resolved a major financial problem, so now.. Patreon may be completely unnecessary, for a long time. More later.


Well, the campaign is delayed. We had one person out of the group show up. So I've recruited more players, added more content, and the like. No comments from you guys. Well, rather than give up, I'm going to keep posting, although the flash fiction I'll be channeling into projects that pay (I hope). Thanks for reading.


Full crew for the tabletop. Looks like we'll be ready to go next week, Lord willing. I've been kind of tired, a little blue lately, and I'm not sure why. Well, thanks for reading. I guess I'll do a blog post now.


Okay guys. I need something from you. I don't mind posting regularly updated flash fiction, but I need to know if it matters to someone, anyone. If you want me to keep posting it here, free of charge (although with a link to Patreon for a tip jar or the like), please comment on my next blog post. I'll give you two weeks. Please encourage me. Even if it's a flame like, "Only lame bloggers don't keep a regular schedule," although I hope you'll put it in your own words. Thanks for reading- KH


Got my campaign pushed back another week. Getting tired of getting called into work :( This time it was only a shift that was switched, but now I probably won't get to hang out with my friends that day. I like my job for the most part. Anyway, don't think you came to the site to hear me complain, right?


Working on tomorrow's comic and still debating on this tabletop campaign. I've got the adventure lined out, now I just have to fill in the details. More later, and thanks for reading. Be sure to check out the weekly comic at


Ifinished learning how to set up a mush, how to code on it a bit. Other projects are proceeding at a snail's pace. Money's a bit tight now, but I know God will provide. Still, I decided to adjust some expenses. Work like it depends on you, pray like it depends on God, right? I'm a bit frustrated, because my projects don't seem to heat up. They just stay on warm. Guess I'll just have to be patient. Thanks for reading :)


Got my teeth cleaned and my char app for MCC mush approved. I'm feeling a bit blocked when it comes to writing up descriptions for things. I'm not sure if that's because of gaming, or what. Been playing more SMT4, and working.  I still need to get a new attachment for the tablet. Maybe I can pick that up in the next couple days or so. Still trying to keep up the updates on the comic.


My next project is going to be a MUSH, a text-based game. I'm going to have two main areas on it: 1) office space- for amateur writers to write. The best of the best might be featured on the website as well. 2) RP Area-I am going to build and code an area for Roleplay. I already have the premise for my part in this, but there may be other additions hopefully by other players. It will probably feature Ai, the dual world I created for my writing, and may be linked to other planets or realms such as Earth, Libras, or other planes such as the Dream Time or Astral Plane. We'll see. Thanks for reading.


Uploading the last two modules for Trouble in Othello. If you play 2nd editions Mutants and Masterminds, they may be of some use to you.


Not a lot going on today. Still trying to figure out how to get pledges on Patreon without begging people I know in real life. I want them to pledge because they love my workl, not because I'm solicintg, but is that wrong? Should I be asking them? Maybe I'll shoot the Patreon staff an email or something. We'll see. If you're wanting more content be it illustrated narrative, prose, or a bit of poetry, let me know. I'm here to get better at my craft, and also to provide you with original content. Thanks for reading.


I usually update this page on Monday. Sorry for the delay. Mom and I had a mini-vacation to Shreveport to the boardwalk and ate at Joe's Crab Shack. It was pretty good, but it took a while for the food to arrive. Anyway, hope to share more with you this week as the comic updates tomorrow, and i'm working on next Tuesday's today. THanks for reading :)


Need to encourage K. a bit. Not a lot is going on. I spent a lot of time resting instead of writing. Well, I'd better get to work. Tomorrow the comic updates, so be sure to check out for Makai Mart (although it's Trouble in Othello. More later. Thanks for reading.


I think I'm going to put up the alpha edition of Trains of Thought on Patreon. If people want to download it, they'll have a to make a pledge probably. Then again, I might meditate on this and make a decision later. It's playable at this point, but it will need some polishi and teasing out to reach its full potential. Thanks for reading.



Not a lot going on today. I close at the store every single night this week. Hopefully I have some days off next week. We've got a long night on Wednesday to try and finish our inventory. It should be interesting. I'm just hoping my eyes don't malfunction again. They do this thing where they look up and to the right after a few hours of eye strain. I've emailed my doctor about it. Maybe he'llgive me a call or shoot me back a reply. My doctor and nurse are very kind and helpful. I don't want to lose this job, even though it's just a placeholder for my next vision of my future. Maybe I can either be a pharmacy tech, or take the GRE and try to get a Master's. One of my co-workers is working on her GED. I'll put the rest of this on my blog for today. See you there.


Still working on stuff, and that's no different than any other day. Wrote a modest review on Avengers 2 which will post next Tuesday on You might want to check it out, and perhaps I'll either link to it on my blog, or copy and paste it here (most likely the former).  Wondering how often Kai is going to be posting. There's one other blogger I want to add, but he's rather elusive online. Maybe I can get a hold of him soon. I suppose it's time for some flash fiction for you. Keep in mind that all the content of the website and blog is copyrighted. I think if you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you'll see something to that effect.


Got all the Makai Mart strips up and on the image gallery. You can peruse them there if you haven't seen them on smackjeeves. Hopefully next Tuesday we'll be back to doing Trouble in Othello #2: The Red Wizard. I've only heard of two themes that have Red Wizards other than Final Fantasy, and they're both pretty negative images. I think Cyrus, the Red Wizard I made, is a lot nicer than the others. Then again, that may not come off in the comic. If I'm unable to get that across, that means that my narrative needs work. Of course, that's why I'm making comics: to improve. So on that part, my goal is not that hard to attain. As long as you don't try to make your goals rely on other people (as a Christian author suggested, whose name I can't remember), they're pretty attainable. I.E. Good goal: I'm going to get an 11 page comic done. Bad "goal": I'm going to get 100 likes on my facebook page.


Also change of plans. I will compile the book, share it with my manager, and then distribute it compiled. Thanks for your patience.

Today marks the site's adding of a second blog from another amateur writer. You can find it under Kai's blog. He should be posting once a week, and I'll try to get back to a regular update for you as well, although I will state that the comic is uploading as it should on smackjeeves.

In addition, the rough draft of Trains of Thought 2nd edition is done. If you would like to look at it, and give feedback,.


Got another comic done. Guess I could start uploading them here, too. Okay, you conviced me. Check out the blog.



Hiatus should end after this Tuesday, if not before. I've got the pencils scanned. Now i just need to ink and color the pages digitally. You can see my comic here. That is the first page of the issue. Enjoy.


True hiatus? Oh noes! Don't worry. I'm working on a 10 page project: Trouble in Othello #2: The Red Wizard. I've got the first 4 pages of pencils done, but I want to finish penciling it all before I start inking and such. This is because my scanner isn't big enough to scan the comic boards. So I want to save money by having them all scanned at Office Depot at the same time. It also helps ensure a finished product for you guys. Maybe I can get M. to help me with a cover again. That would be sweet. Well, thanks for reading! Check out my gofundme (to help me pay artists who work on my projects) here.


I tried a hiatus on the comic, but once I found the time in art class, I updated anyway. So much for that XD. Makai Mart continues, but the plot will thicken, and will change in direction a bit. Enjoy.


I've decided to work on Makai Mart some more. Now it'll update once a week, every Tuesday.  To see the latest comic, click here. I probably won't be posting flash fiction for a while, as I'm focusing my writing on manuscripts I may be able to publish one day. Thanks for reading.


Updates for the comic should be every Tuesday from now on. We'll be taking a break from the flash fiction most likely, as I'll be investing that time and energy into manuscripts that might become books. Granted, that'll take at least 6 months before I have a finished product, maybe longer. Thanks for reading :)


Well, it seems we've come full circle again. I'm putting the comic on hiatus, and the blog content will probably be more personal and less flash fiction. I need to think about how best to build an audience, and maybe that means pursuing my goals differently.  Sorry guys. This is not the end, only a shift on the rudder. I'll still be writing and drawing, and hopefully sharing some of that with you, but this marketing strategy isn't working, and I need to work on fixing that. Thank you for reading and your support. Enjoy your new year.






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